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Ready or Not: Insights & Practical Tips on Race in Relationships
Fixing Broken P**sy Syndrome: 

04.17.22 & 04.23.22

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‘Ready or Not’ is a workshop is about how quarantine forced conversations about anti-racism and intersectionality in relationships. A blend of dialogue and participation. We will be delving into anti-racism, assessing and accepting one’s awareness of racism, learning under pressure (what to do and what not to do), and the more foundational communication skills needed to have these difficult conversations. One of our goals is that that you will walk away with increased self-acceptance and skills to continue learning and growing. (presented at Live & Virtual Con)

‘Fixing Broken P*ssy’ is about dealing with pain in the vagina and on the vulva during intercourse and other sexual acts. We will be delving into dealing with uninformed medical professionals (and bad medical advice), trying alternative healing approaches, trying new and different ways to have and enjoy sex, growing your awareness of your own and your partners body, and finally building your way back to full penetrative sex. We will also touch on the difference between vaginismus and vulvodynia. This is more than advice from an academic perspective. This is real life experience of how we worked around and through these problems. (presented at Virtual Con *only*)

Coach Lex is a WASC certified sex coach who specializes in sexual communication in order to create a world where people can speak about sex as comfortably as they speak about breakfast. His work includes individuals, couples, and the polyamorous community, as well as the LGBT and kink communities (GSRD groups). Lex facilitates groups, workshops, and works with clients worldwide.

Image Description:

Jazz is pictured left and is a Black & Jewish person with jaw length black hair with a grey background. They are pictured with a quizzical look holding their chin with their hand in the ‘thinking’ position. They are wearing a long sleeve button down black shirt.

Past Events

Anyone can Dance Anyone can Funk


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Anyone Can Dance, Anyone Can Funk is my movement-based, semi-lecture nerd out. Reframe your Relationship to Time, Self Pleasure & Productivity. Learn about Afrofuturism and let yourself move and groove in a sex positive container. Take away new strategies to bring peaceful, sensual vibes into your bodies and minds while this whole world crumbles and (hopefully) reforms itself anew. Come prepared to move—let’s LOVE ApOcalyptiC! (most dancy bits of ADAF can be achieved from a seated position, no previous dance experience required.)

Access info: All classes are held on Zoom and recorded for future purchase. We use an A.I. live caption service in English. Participants can have camera on or off. We recommend using your first name when you log into Zoom. Details are emailed within 1 hour of class start time.

Image above is of me (Jazz) holding their chin and smirking, in front of a planet’s eclipse. 

Anyone can Dance/Anyone can Funk
*Birthday Edition*

01.10.21 12 noon – 1pm Pacific Time

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Let’s connect to our bodies with dance, and talk about how that translates to sexuality & fucking. This will be a movement class and a discussion on the art of listening to the body. Movement will be led primarily from a seated position. No previous dance experience or props required. 

Registration is required. One (1) AASECT CE is offered for participation in each session attended.

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Accessibility Information

Any videos viewed or shared will have English subtitles or transcripts, font size on powerpoint will be 24+, we will read aloud what is posted in the chat box on the zoom platform, and we are guided by disability justice principles. Please contact Bianca to confirm your needs are supported and honored. Image above is of me (Jazz) widely grinning, sitting side saddle style on a pipe, on a beach somewhere in Vancouver, BC. I am wearing black pants with suspenders and a pink tank top with my left arm stretched out and puffy white clouds and blue skies and shrubbery behind me.

Anyone can Dance/Anyone can Fuck

12.27.20 12 noon – 1pm Pacific Time

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Let’s connect to our bodies with dance, and talk about how that translates to sexuality & fucking. This will be a movement class and a discussion on the art of listening to the body. Movement will be led primarily from a seated position. No previous dance experience or props required. 

Love Apocalyptic Part two: May day

A day of Beltane – May Day themed sex ed virtual protests and rituals for apocalyptic survival FRIDAY, MAY 1ST 2PM – 3:30PM MST

Ok, so here we are, all in it together. None of us know how long we’ll all need to shelter in place but I DO know that love will survive. Join Jazz Goldman & Hunter Riley as we discuss love, long distance tips, marxism and more! We have some ideas about staying connected, safe and satisfied lockdown. Come for sex tips, stay for the political satire, and (hopefully) leave with some community vibes. These are all goals. And that means this is a productive description. Yes. That’s a thing. Image above is 6 different images of Britney Speares with the subtitle that rewrites the lyric to her song ‘my loneliness is killing me’ to my ‘government is killing me’. The upper left corner of the image also says: ‘worse than Britney in 2007’

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Changing the world through Education, Art, and Radical Self-Expression

I am a black &  jewish -queer-poly-kinky-trans-femme.

My soul’s work is to deprogram sexual shame, racial violence, imperialist/capitalist mindsets, and gender binary/cis-heteronormativity through community building, yoga, sex education, performance art and divine love.

My highest calling is to manifest a world built on equity and justice that is radically loving, safe and empowering for all.

My Core Beliefs Orbit Around: Transparency, Honesty & Direct Communication.

These core beliefs are deeply informed by elements of the Landmark Forum, the books Radical Honesty, The Four Agreements and communal engagement with Non-Violent Communication or ‘NVC’.

Although it is my belief that none of these can be adopted whole-sale due to their lack of racial or trauma analysis, they are nevertheless what much of my foundational beliefs come from. Taken with a grain of salt, they are all incredible frameworks to build off of.

As an artist, educator, & intuitive healer, my modalities are Loving Presence, An Open Non-Judgmental Heart and Radical Love.