Headshot of Jazz Goldman

Changing the world through Education, Art, and Radical Self-Expression

I am a black &  jewish -queer-poly-kinky-trans-femme. My soul’s work is to deprogram sexual shame, racial violence, imperialist/capitalist mindsets, and gender binary/cis-heteronormativity through community building, yoga, sex education, performance art and divine love. * ‘Cuddlist.com certified’ Professional Cuddler since 2017 *200-Hour Certified yoga teacher since 2017 Radical, Queerdo Artist Forever. My highest calling is to manifest a world built on equity and justice that is radically loving, safe and empowering for all. I am a native New Yorker. I’ve been a Professional Cuddler since 2016. I come from 2 generations of performance artists. When I’m not busy cuddling, I’m working on music, performance art, and sex education. I also consider myself to be an animist & ritualist – and seek to bring an aspect of the sacred & divine into all that I do.